I'm thankful.....

For a loving, ever-merciful Heavenly Father who continually shows me what "real love" looks like--through His children.

For wonderful friends--all over the world--who continually humble me when they call me "brother" and "friend."

For a precious grandmother--now in heaven--who loved me enough to make sure that I had a home, and when others abandoned me (as a small child) took me in, and raised me.

For a great job...a wonderful boss, and some of the most fun people I've ever worked with. Coyne American Institute is a truly great company here in Chicago (www.coyneamerican.edu)

For peace of mind, and stillness of heart---even when both have been shattered by outward circumstances.

For David, Michael, Timothy, Stephanie, Phil Jr, Christian, Sarah, Jonathan, Matthew, Mitch and Lisa, Kevin and Monica, Dianne, Kyella and Glenn. These people are so very precious to me...even though I've not given their last names. They are a small representation of many, many more people who mean the world to me.

For a wonderful home that I can now call my own.

For the promise of Christ to never leave me alone. I depend on that daily.

For Dr R Hollis Gause is my "father" in so many ways. He will never know how much he means to me.

For Reverend Leonard Kendrick--a friend for more than 30 years--who is also a father to me in so many ways. God knew that I would need more than one.

So what are you thankful for?