The tangible love of Christ...I have experienced it this week...

I have experienced the amazing, unequaled, immeasurable love of Christ this week.

Dr Bill George and myself both arrived in Birmingham, Alabama on Monday evening. We showed up at the UAB Hospital Admitting Office almost simultaneously. God made sure that we were in the same room for that day...because He wanted us both to see how MIGHTY and POWERFUL He was and is!

We had a parade of people on Tuesday...from around 9:30 a.m. until well after 10 p.m. that same evening. People from Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and all points in between...most of them knew Bill, and many knew me...but all of them knew and loved JESUS...that is all that mattered.

On Wednesday morning, I went into the Pre-op around 5:35 a.m. I was in surgery around 6 a.m. I woke up in my room around 1:15 p.m. with Marti and Anthony Stone, Pastor Charles Butler, Dr Robert Daugherty, and Tennessee State Congressman Kevin Brooks at my bedside...rejoicing in the LORD...and worshipping God for His marvelous hand in all of this!

Person after person was hearing how GOD had orchestrated the whole event, and how HE made sure the surgery was as textbook-picture perfect as it could be. I was completely awake...and realizing what a life-transforming event had just transpired...and how the LORD had been glorified in it all.

The people of God around the country, and around the world have been magnificent in their prayers, love, and good wishes and greetings to both myself, and our precious Dr Bill George and his wife, Nelda.

This was truly the Body of Christ--the people of God--at their finest....

I am humbled and exhilirated to be part of such a wonderful kingdom.

It is truly about HIM...His love, His will, and HIS glory.

From my heart: "What would you do?"

So TODAY is the day I've waited for almost six months now....I'll fly to Birmingham, Alabama this evening...spend the night with my friends (from college days) Dr Tim Stone and his wife Tammy (and their adorable children). Tomorrow morning, I will get up, shower/shave/dress myself, and go over to the University of Alabama-Birmingham Hospital/North Pavilion. I will then check in as a patient (just confirmed that I already have a 'bed reservation').

On Wednesday morning, October 28, at approximately 7 a.m., I will be transported into the Surgery ward of UAB hospital, where I will willingly give my left kidney for transplant into one of the finest men I know.

The Lord's hand is in this...I'm not afraid of the pain, the recovery, any possible side effects, or the complications which (in all likelihood will not, but) could occur.

I am very, very, VERY excited about this "assignment from the Lord." I'm thankful that God spoke to me more than six months ago, on a Tuesday night when I was "surfing" FaceBook.

If you were aware that someone you knew needed an "organ" donation--and you could do it...would you?

Why? Why not?

I've lost my cell phone...HELP!

For the first time in EIGHT YEARS, I have lost my cell phone....I had almost 300 numbers in that little contraption. I am LOST without it...(I don't have any of those numbers memorized)...

So, if you would be so kind as to call me...or email me, or something, I'll have you number again...


My Hero: Virginia Horton

Very few people in life bring the class, dignity, and grace that Virginia Horton brings to those who are blest enough to know her. She is in a class all by herself!

I first met this wonderful lady when I was a transfer student into Lee College (now University) back in 1983. I happened to wander over to the "Old Music Building" (yes, that place really, really did exist), and heard her lovely voice during a rehearsal. I couldn't wait to meet her--even though I was NEVER a music major. She has been one of my very favorite people ever since.

When I was active duty in the United States Air Force, one of the great joys of my life was getting to stay in touch with Virginia and her wonderful husband David. Talking with them--even though I was sometimes on the other side of the world---always lifted my soul, and encouraged my heart. When my Grandmother Hoover passed on to heaven back in 1992, I can remember Virginia sending me the nicest and most beautiful card. It brought such joy to my heart, and I probably still have it those unpacked boxes of mine!

A few years ago, Virginia was accompanying her wonderful husband, Dr David Horton and the Lee University Campus Choir on a summer tour of the Bahama Islands. Dr David, very suddenly and unexpectedly, went to be with the Lord. This precious woman has shown the grace and peace of God through all of the times since then. She still teaches full time at Lee University...

She still inspires people to give their "all to the Lord." In so many ways, Virginia Horton is my hero!

Mr President, Be careful.

Mr President,

The "Human Rights Campaign" is not interested in "human rights." They are more interested and concerned with "special rights." Please stop legitimizing their "pet projects."

I agree with you, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is a flawed policy. But until the Joint Chiefs feel that it should be discarded, leave it alone! Get Secretary Gates' opinion and feelings on the policy, and act accordingly. Remember, the men and women in military uniform are depending on your good judgment. Don't let them down. You can afford to let the "special interest groups" (of every political hue) be disappointed. None of those groups are defending this nation...the military men and women are....don't let them down.

Senator Feinstein was exactly right. Give General McChrystal what he wants, and do it expeditiously. You were the one who appointed him to the war in of your campaign themes was that we must "win in Afghanistan", let's make sure we do. Others may disagree with the good general...but he has given you his best take it. Don't RUMSFELD Afghanistan (to quote Senator Graham from South Carolina).

Keep being a great father to your two beautiful daughters, and a good, faithful husband to your lovely wife, Michelle.

I deeply applaud your efforts in the healthcare reform battle in this country. We must do something. Thank you for stepping up to the plate. Don't be dismayed, discouraged or dissuaded.

May God be with you.

This has blest me so much today...

I Rest My Case at the Cross

There's a covenant sweet, it was written for me,
it's a promise that I could be healed..
from All my sin and my shame,
even heartache and pain,
it was signed and confirmed on a Hill.

So I rest my case at the Cross,
for now I have Someone to champion my cause,.
I've been justified, satisfied, oh, I have it all,
so I rest my case at the Cross.

Don't feel sorry for me when you see I'm in need,
there's a Judge who grants mercy and love.
All my burdens He lifts,
All my sin He forgives,
Every time is won through the blood.

So I rest my case at the Cross,
for now I have someone to champion my cause,
I've been justified, satisfied, oh, I have it all!
So I rest my case at the Cross.

In the Cross, in the Cross... be my glory ever,
This covenant is binding by His blood and His word,
every trial and trouble... my case will be heard,
I've been justified, satisfied, oh, I have it all,
I rest my case at the Cross.

What were THEY thinking?

As much as I admire President Obama's personal accomplishments, and his tremendous intelligence with an ability to grasp/dissect very difficult issues...I have to wonder what the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE Commitee was thinking when our President was given the PRIZE..?

He's been in office less than one year...he has world-wide name recognition and popularity (but after the last Administration, just about anyone other than Bush-Cheney would have been seriously considered for the award), but he has done NOTHING, in my opinion, worthy of the $1.5 million dollar Nobel Peace Prize.

This reminds me of the award going to Mikail Gorbachev in 1990....and the man had basically done nothing to deserve the award.

I think the Scandinavians are great people. I loved living in Oslo for two years....and these people were always very kind and gracious to this American. They were terrific friends to me.

But, this award has now been cheapened...and has lost much of its significance. While I'm sure the President is flattered, and in his own words "humbled" by this is tremendously PREMATURE, in my humble opinion.

I'm about to become a KIDNEY DONOR....maybe I should make sure the Nobel Committee is aware of this next February.

My hero: Dr R Hollis Gause

More than 25 years ago I encountered a brilliant man who would let me "bite off more than I could chew" academically-speaking. He could give a 'fill-in-the-blank' exam that would make a "preacher cuss..." (well, that was a saying when I was growing up...LOL)...

After passing at least four of his courses (Revelation, 1 & 2 Corinthians, Romans and Galatians, and I can't remember the last one...but it was a book study), I knew that Dr R Hollis Gause would be a 'distant' memory for me...even though his scholarly abilities and all-around superior intelligence was incomparable. This was 1985...and I thought I knew it all....

In 1996, after ten years in the United States Air Force, I sensed the LORD leading me back to Cleveland, Tennessee where I would enter the Church of God School of Theology (which would become the Church of God Theological Seminary, and has recently renamed itself the Pentecostal Theological Seminary...) One of the first people I would see would be this "giant" of a man, Doctor Gause. His humor, his kindness, and his brilliance had, by and large, remained untainted by either time or circumstances.

Now that I was somewhat older (and wiser), I was anxious and excited to get into one of Dr Gause's classes...and drink deeply from all that he would teach me.

But the most important lessons I would learn from this precious man would be outside of the academic classroom, and more in the auditorium of life. I watched him care for his completely bedridden wife, Sister Beaulah Gause, as she withered away from the plague of Alzheimer's disease. He cared for her continually, and rarely left her side for anything more than his professional responsibilities at the Seminary. He demonstrated the absolute LOVE OF CHRIST where all of us could see it, and see what it should look like in every day life.

I'll always remember Holy Week, 1997. I was working the night shift at Bradley Memorial Hospital....I received a call that my favorite aunt had just passed on to heaven. I had just talked with her the day before on the phone. I was devastated. I called Brother Gause...and this sweet, kind man prayed for me...over the telephone, and was just the "face of Jesus" for me in this terrible shock.

Every time I have "an issue" that I need wisdom, clarity, and truth spoken into my being, I know that I can call two people. Dr R Hollis Gause is one of those two people. He is such a father to me in so many ways. My heart is always enriched every time I hear his voice, and my walk with Christ is always encouraged with his wisdom and kindness. He has been BEYOND GENEROUS to me in so many ways.....with his time, his love, his wisdom, and with himself.

He is a supreme treasure in my life. He is everything I want to be when I grow "older": A sweet, kind, loving man who is the "face of Jesus" to many who encounter him. He is my hero!