When the time comes...

I promise to write more often on this blog.  My precious friend Joshua Hunt did such an amazing job re-designing it for me, and I need to keep it current.

So many things are swirling around in my mind now...memories from days gone by...memories of "not being good enough"...memories of "not making it"...memories of being "the also ran..."

Sometimes, we forget...and that's a good thing.   Sometimes, "forgetting" is God's gift to us--telling us to "go on...walk forward and see what is in store."

I just wish HE would tell me now...but He doesn't--well, not most of the time, anyway.   I don't get a vote on the things that GOD has in store...but I can always trust Him....even when life is painful (which it sometimes is), and when life is unfair (again, that happens too, too often), and when we feel that we've been rejected and labeled "not good enough."

Yet, JESUS came...and as I told a friend this week, "If you were the ONLY person in the Universe, God would still send His Son just to die on a Cross so that you can have access to Himself.  He loves you that  much."

I"m glad I'm not the only person in the Universe...but, I know that GOD would want me--even if I were.

Words that have shaped my life...

It is no secret that I LOVE music...and I particularly LOVE great singing (even if I'm the only one singing--which isn't so great). From my very earliest days, I remember the great gospel singing in our little hovel every Sunday morning, while we were preparing for church that day. My Grandmother Hoover loved this great singing, and at a very early age, I learned to love the great songs of faith, pilgrimage, and testimony.

I want to share the lyrics that have shaped my life in my posts this year. (Unlike my friend Joe Misek, I plan to post regularly...I think his last post was August 2010). I am fully convinced--and fully aware--that every generation stands on the very strong shoulders of those who have gone before them. As Bill Gaither has stated, "these people have paved the way, and been faithful soldiers..."

A Fresh Face here...

With eternal gratitude to my wonderful friend Joshua Hunt, "Something to Consider" gets a brand new "face"--a transplant/reconstruction/fresh look.

Joshua is a dear brother in Christ, and a great friend.  He and I met several weeks ago--about 4 now--when he first came into my life as a "Couch Surfer" in my home.

He thought he was coming for two days--and was here almost seven.

Neither of us knew just how long he would be in my home...but GOD knew...and GOD did some wonderful things for both of us in this new friendship, and in our time together. 

I can't remember ever meeting a more servant-hearted man...a strong, kind, and GENTLE man...full of grace, and a tender, teachable heart.

So if you like the "new look" thank my buddy Joshua.

You can also find some of his music at:

He's great...

What is GOD "birthing" in you?

For 11 months now I've been hosting "travelers"--also known as "Couch Surfers"--from all over the world.  As of today, I've had 214 different men from 60 different countries on all six continents....some have stayed as little as 12 hours, and as much as 11 days...

This has been one of the most exhilirating experiences I can remember in a long time....still trying to discover what God is saying to me in all of this....

One of my dreams...open a Christian hostel...where people are traveling...can find a place to shower, sleep, get a warm meal, some rest, some fellowship, and continue their journey....

I'd love to open and operate such a facility...

Will you help me pray to this end?


Let me just say that GOD brought along this wonderful "event" in my life several years ago (2008), and then I decided to become part of the "program" (actually hosting people who were/are traveling) in my home in mid-August 2012.

The website is:


As of today, I've had 161 people from 46 countries on all six continents in my home.  It has been a wonderful, wonderful thing in my life.  I've opened my heart and my home, and watched GOD bring the world to my living room.

More to come.

So, while I'm about to turn 51

I see a lot of things happening in the world...in my own personal life, and in the kingdom of God.

Do I want to sit on the sidelines, or do I want to "jump right in?"

I'm completely confused about it all.

More to come.