I love GOOD Southern Gospel Music....

And I'm sure that none of my friends find that entirely surprising!

I was raised on it...for the most part. My sainted Grandmother Hoover always had great music on in our home. On any given Sunday morning, we would be listening to the Speer Family, or the Happy Goodmans, or the Florida Boys, et al.

Southern Gospel music often tells a story. A profound, wonderful, powerful story. A story of what GOD is doing or has done in the life of those who look to Him. Some of the most wonderful theology I can remember is from some of the songs I learned as a kid, "Heaven's Jubilee" "What a Happy Time" and "Leave It There."

When I need to draw close to the LORD, I often pull out my Bible, and put on some really good music....that music that reminds me of my journey with Jesus....The Perrys do a tremendous version of Kyla Rowland's "I Rest My Case At The Cross"---and it reminds me of just how much Jesus has done, and continues to do for me.

I'll write more later....but yes, I love GOOD SOUTHERN GOSPEL MUSIC.

Phil needs a kidney transplant!

NO, I'm not talking about myself! (I've already had a couple of requests for my remaining kidney, should it ever become available...LOL)

I found out that my good friend Phil Kaisharis (friend from college days almost 30 years ago) is in desperate need of a kidney transplant. He is experiencing complete kidney failure, and will begin dialysis almost immediately. Hemodialysis is NO WAY TO LIVE...regardless of one's age.

Some ten months (give or take a few days) ago, the LORD clearly spoke to me about being a "kidney donor" for a dear, dear friend of mine. I saw the "need" on FACEBOOK (my second day on the 'social networking site' I SWORE to my friend Joe Misek (www.joemisek.blogspot.com) that I would never use...and now HE'S on it too), and just simply prayed for "God to find a kidney out there somewhere." The LORD simply answered, "You are a match."

SEVENTEEN weeks ago today...this very hour, I was coming out of the Recovery Room of the University of Alabama-Birmingham Renal Transplant Center, having just donated my left kidney to my great friend, Dr Bill George.

NOW, my friend Phil Kaisharis needs a kidney. Let's see what GOD has in mind for this brother in the LORD. Please pray for Phil. Please pray for God's provision in his life.

I am a living, breathing testimony that GOD can and will provide.

Sometimes, I wonder...

about why things are the way they are.....

I see people being "wildly successful" (whatever THAT means) doing things that have always fascinated me. And sometimes, I even ask GOD, "Why didn't that happen to me?" What I really mean is "Why didn't YOU let that happen to me?"

As I have to regularly remind myself, the LORD knows where I am, and where HE wants me to be in the future, as well as in the present circumstances. But, even with that knowledge of His sovereignty, I still often ask Him, "Why?"

I realize that HE is under no obligation to explain anything to me...but I take great comfort in knowing that I can always ask Him the questions that are "tough" in my own soul. I can always ask HIM the hard stuff:

"Why did my parents not love YOU, and made no real attempts to love me?" "Why did I suffer from the neglect and abuse that YOU could have so easily prevented, but didn't?" "Why have I struggled most of my life with some of the very basic issues that should have been settled so long ago?"

I am humbled that GOD has called me to Himself, and has called me to be His son. Often I feel like the young boy in Luke 15, who finally came to himself, and returned to his father's home, and said, "I'm willing to be just a servant." I've tasted the good things of God, and have found HIS FAMILY to be my "REAL FAMILY"...experiencing HIS LOVE as it was meant to be experienced. I've seen the 'face of Jesus' in so many others who have loved me, and shown me just what the FATHER is like, even though they are imperfect just like I am.

I've even asked, "Why didn't YOU let me pursue ministry and preach YOUR message and SING YOUR song to the masses?" Then I realized that I could "sing HIS song" and "preach HIS message" in more ways than just the ones that have been so highly visible. His song is LOVE, and HIS message is that He sent HIS Son, Jesus, to love us.

It doesn't take a professional to do that. Just a child transformed the SONG and the MESSAGE. I found out that I qualify.

So, yes, I can rest my case at the Cross. I do indeed have someone to "champion my cause."

Thank you, Jesus.

Where were all the "Tea Party" folks?

We have been practicing NATIONAL DEFICIT SPENDING for as long as I can remember....where have all the "Tea Party" folks been for the last 30 or so years?

Where were all the "Tea Party" people during the last eight years when the Bush-Cheney Administration was spending this nation into oblivion with NO ACCOUNTABILITY?

I don't want to "burst" anyone's artificial bubble, but the Obama Administration is not the FIRST one to ever exercise DEFICIT Spending......and I'm sure this administration won't be the last one either...

I think the whole "Tea Party" syndrome is rather hypocritical.....but then again, that's just MY opinion.

Founder's Week 2010 Begins Tonight! You can listen live!

One of the great Bible conferences in the United States, and probably in the world, is the annual Founder's Week of the Moody Bible Institute here in Chicago. Dwight Lyman Moody originally started this week as a "day for snow sledding for the children"...and it has come a mighty long way since then.

Here's the link:

www.moodyconferences.com Then click on Founder's Week. You should also be able to "connect" and join the conference at www.moodyradio.org