"We've been down this road before..." Sadly enough

I awoke very early this morning (3:15 a.m. CST), and turned on "World News Now"--from habit, I guess.  About 3:55 a.m.(CST), I heard, "we are interrupting this broadcast to bring a Special Report from ABC News" telling me about the horrific tragedy in Aurora, Colorado.  (I once was stationed at Lowry AFB in Aurora, so I am familiar with the area.)

I'm still stunned by this senseless, cowardly, horrific crime.  Of course, uttering all the "spiritual stuff" now is not only insensitive and non-effective--it makes God look bad.  However, I have to remind myself that none of these events (or anything else that has ever happened, or ever will happen) takes Him by surprise.  Not a single one.

If there were ever a time for the Body of Christ to "rise up" and be the face of JESUS--this is surely that time.  We may not have all the answers--and we certainly should act as though we do.  But we can be the compassionate, caring, loving, and gentle hands of our LORD to those who have lost so much.

But then again, I'm convinced that we should be the face of CHRIST anyway.

Not just when tragedy strikes.