This is resounding in my soul...

"He hideth my soul in the Cleft of the Rock
That shadows a dry, thirsty land!
He hideth my life in the depths of His love,
And He covers me there with His hand.

He covers me there with His hand.

There really isn't much more that I can say...."He covers me there with His hand."

Good Speech, Mr President...

Now let's see if we can "live by" those praised/maligned/overquoted/not-quoted-at-all, ideals.

You did a magnificent job. I've listened to every State of the Union address since the beginning of former President Jimmy Carter's tenure. I feel that I owe it to myself to hear what the President of this great nation, and the "leader of the free world" has to say, not only to the American citizenry but, to the rest of the world as well.

I awoke early this morning, Sir, and heard you quoted on the BBC's early radio broadcast.

I appreciate the fact that you admitted some failures and "off the right path" times last night. I appreciate the fact that you are not giving up on healthcare reform.

And I appreciate the fact that you care for your wife and your daughters. That is the most important job you have....

CHANGE is in the "air"

And the Obama Administration had nothing to do with it...LOL

On Thursday, December 31, 2009 as I was getting dressed for work, I just sensed the LORD speaking to my spirit that HE wants to "revolutionize" my life in 2010. My immediate response was, "Well, LORD, I gave you a kidney in 2009, I want to give you the rest of my life in 2010."

Needless to say (so why am I saying it? Because I CAN), I was waiting to see what the LORD was ready to speak to me....if HE was speaking at all.

After a very turbulent week at work, I was just stressed and distressed....and to the point of "burn out" as well.

On the way to work, I began praying, asking the LORD how I could follow HIM more closely and hear HIM more clearly, and obey HIM more completely in 2010.

As soon as I opened my office door, it was as though the LORD was directing me to prepare my resignation from my current position, and look to return to school not later than this coming Fall.

I looked at all the obligations on my calendar, and just wondering if this was really God....The earliest I could leave my position would be mid-March (some 11 weeks into the future).

Immediately I went in to see my supervisor, and told him that I plan to leave my position by the end of March, 2010. He was taken by surprise, but very affirming and seemed to be supportive of the fact that I want to make some 'life changes."

I have lots to do between now and my last day on the pray for me. I need to find another job (part-time would be ideal), and also finish the process for getting into nursing school this Fall.

I'll write more about this later.

Thirteen Weeks ago tonite...

God, my Heavenly Father, visited me in a profound, unforgettable way.

I had come home really worn out, ate a quick bite, and went straight to bed. About 1 a.m. I got up from my bed, needing to go the bathroom, and then headed back to sleep.

But I couldn't go back to sleep. I tossed and turned. Finally, I walked into the living room, turned on some very soft music, and lay down on the sofa. I knew I would fall asleep.

But then, I distinctly remember sensing the LORD telling me to "turn the stereo off." So, I got up, walked across the living room, and turned it off! Simple enough. (I had to be at The Moody Church at 5:15 a.m. on the following morning, and I desperately needed to get back to sleep).

I lay back down on the sofa, and deep in my heart I heard my precious great-grandmother singing from Heaven, "And He walks with me, and He talks with me, and He tells me I am His own..." My "big Mama" (my name for her) died almost 40 years ago at the young age of 105. She had been a Methodist itinerant preacher for many, many years. She was born right after the Civil War, and died in 1970. I was only eight years old. This was the very first song I ever sang solo in a public setting. It is still one of my favorites.

I knew the LORD was visiting me, and ministering to me. I was trying to go to sleep, but listening closely. The LORD reminded me that He "rejoices over us with singing" (Zephaniah 3:17). It was as though Jesus wanted to sing over me. I suddenly heard this beautiful, deep baritone voice singing,

"He hideth my soul in the Cleft of the Rock that shadows a dry, thirsty land! He hideth my life in the depth of His love, and He covers me there with His hand! He covers me there with His hand."

The third time the LORD sang this, He changed the words to "I'll hide your life in the depth of MY love and I'll cover you there with MY hand. I'll cover you there with MY hand."

I was wiping tears from my face, realizing that GOD had calmed/dissolved all fear for the weeks ahead (I would have kidney donor surgery one week from this time) before I ever encountered "fear." In HIS goodness, the LORD fulfilled the Psalm that says, "this poor man cried and the LORD delivered him from all his fears."

I got up soon afterwards, got ready for my obligations at church, and then worked an eleven hour day...I never once yawned, felt tired or sluggish. God had energized me for the day(s) ahead!

GOD used the powerful message of songs that I have sung many, many times to remind me of HIS great, eternal care for me. He promised Moses that He would hide him in the "cleft of the rock" (Exodus 33), and He has fulfilled that promise in His Son, Jesus Christ...the Rock of Ages.

Eight days later, as I was talking to my good friend, Chris Fabry ( on Moody Radio, the LORD prompted me to tell of how HE had ministered to my soul. He is still ministering to people.

And as a gospel song says, "There is a ROCK between me and a hard place." That Rock is Jesus. I'm hiding in Him.

This is some of the greatest stuff I've ever read on the Internet

Doctor Jackie D Johns was my Foundations for Spiritual Formation professor in my first semester of seminary. That was a tremendous class. Dr Johns has an amazing sense of humor, some wonderful stories, and a reasoning ability that few possess. (And he didn't give a final exam...)

His blog, is just tremendous. He is writing a series on what he is most thankful for in 2010...this is PROFOUND.

You will be blessed. I promise. And I always keep my promises.

Unwanted and Unloved...

I had a conversation with one of the classiest people I know, last night at church. We were sitting in the sanctuary of The Moody Church, and my precious friend told me how she never felt loved, wanted, or cared for....

She is one of the most accomplished people I've ever met. She is a retired nurse, and just oozes with class, skill, and other marvelous character traits.

It's hard to believe that she grew up never feeling "loved."

But then again, I can so many, many ways.

I still wonder about my biological parents' divorce---even after more than 47 years, I still believe there are "missing pieces" that someone (namely Bobby and Jodi) never gave me so I could see the "whole picture."

BUT THE GOOD NEWS is that I am supremely loved! I am deeply wanted and loved by my Heavenly Father. He continually sends HIS CHILDREN to love me, cherish me, and care for me in so many, many tangible ways.

This family of God is the greatest thing in the world.


I remember hearing now-retired Bishop Adrian L Varlack saying (more than 30 years ago) that HAITI is probably the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, and one of the very poorest in the world. I've always remembered what Brother Varlack said.

I've met several people from Haiti, and have known several missionaries who have spent a lot of their life and ministry in the country. Even now I have friends who are missionaries in the Dominican Republic.

That island has just experienced the worst natural disaster in more than 200 years...and there seems to be no end to the devastation these precious people have suffered in the last 24 hours.

I plan to do something, even though it won't be much...but I will do something very significant...I'll pray, fervently pray...


If you think that ANYONE in "middle America" (those of us who actually work at least 40 hours a week) cares about whether you are get angry over "no bonuses" this year, you are SO VERY WRONG!

Some fool was quoted on MSNBC as saying that you either "pay the good people or they will leave"---that's what salaries are for, isn't it?

Each and every one of you should be ASHAMED and hide your faces if you take these outrageous "perks"--and particularly so, if you have the NERVE to believe that you "deserve these bonuses."

Yes, these are egregious bonuses, and the TAXPAYERS of AMERICA (which I am one) saved your sorry butts from absolute financial ruin.

So the head of HR at AIG, and all of these other people who do not believe you are "getting enough compensation" I have some advice for you:

GET OUT IN THE JOB MARKET, and find out that NO ONE, and let me repeat that, NO ONE will want to hire your overpaid, self-indulged ego...and particularly not for the outrageous amounts you are DELUDED into believing that you deserve.

Welcome to the real world. Find out how the rest of us live.

TWENTY YEARS AGO TODAY...January 11, 1990

I boarded a United Airlines flight at the San Francisco International Airport, and traveled non-stop (17 hours) to Kim Po International Airport, Seoul, South Korea. I was leaving precious friends behind at my previous assignment, Beale Air Force Base, just north east of Sacramento.

This was my very first time ever in Asia. It was very exciting, and I was in for the "ride of my life" during that year in the Far East.

It's hard to believe that was 20 years ago TODAY....some of those people are still precious friends to me...we stay in touch regularly.

YES...Joe has finally done it....

My great friend, Joe Misek, FINALLY has a Facebook account. (I am trying to paste a link here, but can't seem to do it. LOOK HIM UP!)

Joe is one fantastic person, and a wonderful friend in so many ways. He has been the "face of Christ" to me on many, many occasions over the last five-plus years.

He and I became friends at church--of all places--more than five years ago. I was a member of the Chicago Tabernacle congregation at the time, and Joe was a first-time visitor. I met him at the door, and invited him to sit with me. We've been "buds" ever since.

And now, we are Facebook friends.....I'm overjoyed.

Looking back at 2009...

WHAT A YEAR! I knew that it would be good when three of my very dearest friends, Major Paul Grant and his lovely wife Cynthia, and my great friend Joe Misek (who is NOW on FACEBOOK, after all the lathering, blathering, spluttering, fussing, etc in 2009) spent the night at my house on December 21, 2008, and we had the very first meal of 2009 in my living/dining room. I knew it would be a GREAT year!

And it has been.

Work has been fast-paced, intense, and most of the time, very gratifying. I have enjoyed serving at Coyne American Institute, and I like the work I am assigned to perform--99% of the time.

My personal life has been okay, I guess. No great revelations, no hot romances, and nothing really noteworthy--well, I'll talk about that later.

The Moody Church family has been stupendous as always. These people are some of the kindest and most loving followers of Christ I've ever known. I am continually being loved and nourished by these wonderful, wonderful people. They are often the "face of Jesus" for me in so many ways.

The big news was that I OBEYED THE LORD! I prayed, and obeyed. I am still stunned that Jesus would trust me with the BIG assignment that HE had for me, but HE did, and I'm still humbled and thrilled. If you are wondering about this assignment, just go back to August, September, October blog posts, and read forward....

The year ended very nicely, and I'm excited to see what GOD will have for me in 2010. I want to follow Him closely, hear Him clearly, and obey Him completely.