Chief Justice John G Roberts Jr

Well friends and neighbors, the world has seen history in the making today.

John G Roberts Jr was confirmed by the United States Senate with a vote of 78-22 to become the seventeenth Chief Justice of the United States of America. He is the youngest (at age 50) to hold that exalted position sense the appointment of John Marshall in 1801--who was a whopping 45 at the time.

We Americans have EVERY reason to be proud of the way we have seen the peaceful transition of leadership and power in the nation's judiciary.

The highest court in the nation will take on a new look, and indeed embark on a new path--with Chief Justice Roberts leading the way. We are indebted to pray for God's wisdom to clothe him every day as long as he holds that position.

The resignation of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor--whom Justice Roberts was to originally replace--will be far more contentious than was this nomination and confirmation.

Being the graceful lady that she is, Justice O'Connor has consented to remain on the Supreme Court until her replacement has been nominated and confirmed.

Chief Justice Roberts, we welcome you. We salute you!

And most importantly, we pray for you!

"Commander in Chief"--I Liked it!

I'm probably the only person in the entire United States that has never seen a single episode of "Survivor" or "Fear Factor" or hardly any of the new "melodramas"--regardless of how slick their advance advertisements have been.

But I have been absolutely "enthralled" with ABC's new show, Commander in Chief starring Geena Davis.

I have waited all summer for this one....and it finally came to fruition.

Last night.

I think the plot was terrific, and the acting was superb.

Of course, being somewhat open-minded (others would call me a "flaming liberal"--but I'm really not anything close to that), I think the United States is well overdue a woman as the President of these "nifty Fifty."

Or at least in the role of Vice President.

I didn't vote for Geraldine Ferraro in 1984--and I think Walter Mondale made a colossal mistake in selecting her as his running mate. But I'm not sure he could have won that election regardless of whom he had selected for his VP mate.

But I do believe that now, 21 years removed, we are ready to have a strong, sensible, creative, and powerful woman in one of the top two slots in Washington DC.

So, who will it be?

And when?

"Whatever Happened to Class"

A good friend of mine, Dr Stan Blevins (Senior Pastor, Highland Baptist Church, Lubbock, TX) wrote this almost ten years ago in their weekly church bulletin:


There is a difficult to define quality about people and society, that makes them concerned for the well-being of others and the country as a whole. Because it's hard to specifically define, it's sometimes called "class."

Americans used to have a lot of class. They were a people proud of their country, their community, and themselves. But somewhere in the last thirty or forty years, class has gone by the wayside.

Here are a few examples:

**When I was a boy we'd play on the lawn around the courthouse. Prominently displayed were signs that read, "$200 fine for spitting on the sidewalk." Yet today I constantly pull up behind someone in a pickup truck, stopped at a light, who opens his door and deposits the filth of his chewing habit in the middle of the street, often right where people must cross.

No class.

I'd favor restoring the fine system: "$1000 fine for depositing your germs in the middle of our community."

**It seems I often stop at a light and a vehicle pulls up beside me with speakers larger than the back seat. The sound is turned up as loud as it will go, blasting every person in every surrounding vehicle, not to mention anyone walking along the street.

How pathetic that our society has produced people so desperate for attention that they can only get it by making a public nuisance of themselves.

No class.
Perhaps there ought to be a fine for that as well.

I'll not go futher in detail, but one could pursue such issues as smoking in enclosed public places, cutting in waiting lines, being rude to customers, and the ever-present threat to sue.

No class in any case.

By the way, don't give me any of the popular baloney about "rights." Always remember that the rights of one individual end where they begin to intrude on the rights of another individual.

I liked our nation much better when we all had some class.

Let's each one do our part to restore what we can before it gets any worse.


Amen, Dr Stan, Amen!

Unnamed and Unwanted....

I wrote this a few months ago. I wanted to share it here:

I recently heard someone give their testimony of God's faithfulness in their life. It moved me beyond what words can describe.

This person told of how his mother became pregnant as a teenager, and later abandoned him after his birth in the hospital of one of the nation's large cities.Many years later, he went to retrieve a birth certificate, and was startled at what he found.

The official document recording his birth labeled him "unnamed boy" and in the notations near the bottom, "unwanted, abandoned by the birth mother."All of his life he has wrestled with these "judgments" from the moment of his birth.

Even after he came to Jesus Christ for salvation, he still struggled with the issues of having been "unnamed" and then "unwanted."

I can identify with him in alot of ways.

Even though I was named at birth, I was later abandoned by the very two people responsible for bringing me to natural life. I have felt "abandoned" more than once since entering adulthood...yet I know these words are true:

"Fear not, for I have redeemed you;
I have called you by your name;
You are Mine.

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;
And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you.
When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned,
Nor shall the flame scorch you.

For I am the LORD your God,
The Holy One of Israel, your Savior;
I gave Egypt for your ransom,
Ethiopia and Seba in your place.

Since you were precious in My sight,
You have been honored,
And I have loved you;

Indeed, the Lord God, who spoke the universe into existence, and who sustains it by His own power, all by Himself, has called me by my name.

And I am His.

A Letter to President Bush

My precious friend, Philip C Morris, Jr--Senior Pastor of Parkway Church of God in Sevierville, TN recently sent this letter to President George W Bush. I want to post it here:

September 18, 2005

President George W. Bush
The White House
Washington, D.C.

Dear President Bush:

I honor you as our nation’s president and want you to know that you are constantly in my prayers, especially in light of the catastrophe involving Hurricane Katrina. I have heard you in recent days as you have addressed the nation and pledged to rebuild New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. I commend you for your response to those victimized by this horrible tragedy. However, as a citizen of the United States of America and as a Christian, I do have some concerns about how our tax dollars will be spent in the rebuilding process.

There are many industries and businesses in the Gulf Coast that are worthy of rebuilding. Others, in my opinion, are not. I urge you to please spend our tax dollars wisely as you help to rebuild the Gulf Coast.

Rebuild schools, but not the scandalous New Orleans establishments.

Rebuild industry, but not the sex industry, which exploits women and teenagers.

Rebuild hospitals, but not the bars and brothels which promote alcoholism and promiscuity.

Rebuild businesses that will build up our communities, not gambling casinos that only take things away.

Rebuild people’s houses, but not the whorehouses of prostitution that are a reproach to any nation.

Rebuild government, but not the kind of corrupt government that enslaves people in poverty and turns a blind eye to injustice.

Rebuild health clinics, but not the abortion clinics that have massacred children with brainwaves and heartbeats.

The name “Katrina” means “pure and clean.” Please use our tax dollars to rebuild those pure and clean establishments that will better our nation, instead of the establishments of vice and corruption.

We are praying for you. We are watching you. Please only rebuild those things that you will be proud to leave as your legacy as a strong Christian president.

God bless you,

Philip C. Morris, Jr.
Senior Pastor

It's always reassuring to know that God's people are indeed "thinking Christians." Not just someone who will blindly follow any leader, regardless of their political affiliation.

Phil, I've always loved you. You are a precious man, a wonderful brother, and a tremendous pastor. Know your buddy in Chicago is 1000% behind you.

A Thought for Today...

From Max Lucado's Traveling Light

"You need only pause at the base of the Cross and be reminded of this: The Maker of the stars would rather die for you than live without you. And that is a fact."

May we be constantly reminded of His love for us.

I know that I will need it today.

And all the other days as well.

"Angry White Man" and "Hyphenated Patriotism"


Yes, I'm not exactly singing the Doxology right now.

Here's why:

For the last three nights in a row, the Hispanics in my neighborhood have gone absolutely crazy after the sun has gone down.

Something about "Mexican Liberation Day" or something to that effect.

These "immigrants" have spent most of the dark hours driving like maniacs and honking their horns loudly for long periods of time, while waving the Mexican flag all over the street.

I'm the least "racist" person you will ever want to meet. But I'm also an angry white man.

If all these folks are so in love with "Mexico"--then please let's encourage them to return to Mexico--and the sooner the better.

We are in the United States of America. They came here of their own free will. So, now we should insist on these things:

1) You will learn to speak English, and you will use English in your dealings with commerce, every governmental agency, and in public life.

2) You will teach your children to speak English--first and foremost. Sure, teach them your native language--but if they plan on living here--in the nifty fifty--they will learn to speak English fluently.

3) You will respect "public peace" and "public decency." Period.

That includes my right to have a peaceful neighborhood, devoid of your stupidity and "hyphenated patriotism."

Yes, I'm angry...and I should be.

So should every other person who lives in this country, and wants to be an American.

40 Best Christian Places to Work....

From a February Issue of Christianity Today, I found this list...and I think it is very interesting indeed.

What makes a "great place" to work? And particularly one who exalts the name and power of Christ in the labor environment?

Maybe we should ask these people. Here's the list:

Small Service and Product Organizations
Christian Medical and Dental Associations • Bristol, Tennessee
Council for Christian Colleges & Universities • Washington, D.C.
Whitehead, Phillipi & Harris • Penndel, Pennsylvania
The DeMoss Group • Duluth, Georgia

Large Service and Product Organizations
Evangelical Christian Credit Union • Brea, California
Association of Christian Schools Intl. • Colorado Springs, Colorado
DaySpring Cards • Siloam Springs, Arkansas (tie) Shepherds Ministries • Union Grove, Wisconsin

Small Missions and Parachurch Organizations
Medical Ambassadors International • Modesto, California
New Mission Systems International • Fort Myers, Florida
Team Expansion • Louisville, Kentucky
Partners International • Spokane, Washington

Large Missions and Parachurch Organizations
Coalition for Christian Outreach • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
SIM USA • Charlotte, North Carolina
Bible League • Chicago, Illinois
International Bible Society • Colorado Springs, Colorado

Small Colleges, Universities, and Seminaries
Phoenix Seminary • Scottsdale, Arizona
Beeson Divinity School • Birmingham, Alabama
Assemblies of God Theological Seminary • Springfield, Missouri
Denver Seminary • Englewood, Colorado

Medium Colleges, Universities, and Seminaries
Dallas Theological Seminary • Dallas, Texas (tie) Multnomah Bible College and Seminary • Portland, Oregon
Western Baptist College • Salem, Oregon (tie) Bryan College • Dayton, Tennessee

Large Colleges, Universities, and Seminaries
Whitworth College • Spokane, Washington
Spring Arbor University • Spring Arbor, Michigan
Moody Bible Institute • Chicago, Illinois
Cedarville University • Cedarville, Ohio

Small Media Organizations
Howard Publishing • West Monroe, Louisiana
Paraclete Press • Orleans, Massachusetts
InterVarsity Press • Westmont, Illinois
Far East Broadcasting • La Mirada, California

Large Media Organizations
Group Publishing • Loveland, Colorado
Zondervan • Grand Rapids, Michigan
Tyndale House • Carol Stream, Illinois
Multnomah Publishers • Sisters, Oregon

Private Christian Schools
Covenant Christian High School • Indianapolis, Indiana
Christian Heritage Academy • Northfield, Illinois
High Point Christian Academy • High Point, North Carolina
King's Way Christian School • Vancouver, Washington

"Evangelicals and Catholics Together"--Eleven years later

I recently finished reading the marvelous "festschrift" edited by Chuck Colson and Father Richard John Neuhaus. I have renewed respect for my Catholic friends who love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ to the best of their knowledge and ability.

We have much in common--and many differences.

We must acknowledge and respect both!

Pastor Travis Johnson...visit his place!

Here's the link:

Travis and I have a "history." He was my single's leader at the North Cleveland Church of God in the late 90s. He has been a friend now for a long time. And he's got a wonderful wife.

Visit his "place" and take a look around. Tell him that Phil Hoover, in the Windy City, sent you.

God bless WALMART.....

The WalMart Corporation really does look out for their associates. This is from their website,

Initially, more than 34,000 Wal-Mart associates were displaced by Hurricane Katrina.
Our goal is to help associates get back on their feet and move forward with their lives. The Wal-Mart Emergency Information Line, established to answer associates questions and concerns, has fielded more than 12,200 calls.

Any displaced associate can come and work in any other U. S. Wal-Mart store.

Displaced associates are eligible for up to $1,000 from our Associate Disaster Relief Fund if their homes were flooded or destroyed. We have already provided cash assistance to more than 6,100 associates.

The on-line Emergency Contact Service placed on and for use by associates and the public to locate and communicate with their friends and family members has received more than 9,600 postings and more than 960,000 hits.

How many other large companies have made such offers to their displaced employees?

Operation Compassion: I know these people....

This organization is the compassionate ministries of the Church of God, Cleveland TN.

I know these people personally and very well, at that.

Please feel free to contribute to them, as generously as you possibly can!

You can help...Here's how.

All of these agencies are bona fide emergency relief services. Please feel free to give generously to any or all of them:

FEMA listed the following agencies as needing cash to assist hurricane victims:
* American Red Cross, 800-HELP-NOW (435-7669) English, 800-257-7575 Spanish.
* America's Second Harvest, 800-344-8070.
* Adventist Community Services, 800-381-7171.
* Catholic Charities USA, 800-919-9338.
* Christian Disaster Response, 941-956-5183 or 941-551-9554.
* Christian Reformed World Relief Committee, 800-848-5818.
* Church World Service, 800-297-1516.
* Convoy of Hope, 417-823-8998.
* Lutheran Disaster Response, 800-638-3522.
* Mennonite Disaster Service, 717-859-2210.
* Nazarene Disaster Response, 888-256-5886.
* Operation Blessing, 800-436-6348.
* Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, 800-872-3283.
* Salvation Army, 800-SAL-ARMY (725-2769).
* Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief, 800-462-8657, Ext. 6440.
* United Methodist Committee on Relief, 800-554-8583
* Avoid Katrina-Related Scams and Hoaxes (Security Fix Blog)