The Power of Words....

The last four months have been very difficult for me--on many different levels.

I've experienced firsthand the power of words to bless and heal, and conversely, the power of words to injure, wound, and destroy.

A man who was my pastor for more than 3 years called me some names that were not only unchristian, but untrue. I've not had a conversation with him now in almost four months. When he was confronted by another brother concerning this situation, this pastor claimed unmitigated innocence. Claiming to "love me"--but betraying those very claims with his own words. Those are the words that injure, wound, and destroy.

But a precious friend here continues to remind me of how very loved and special that I am--to their family and to God and His family. Those are the power of "healing words."

I want to use those "healing words" whenever and wherever possible.

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