What was she thinking?

Okay, okay...I'll admit it. I'm getting older...

Here's what happened. This past weekend, my "adopted niece" Julia Stone (along with her parents Anthony and Marti) were here for the weekend. Actually for less than 48 hours.

I have begged and cajoled and pleaded...and they finally came up.

I had warned both Marti and Julia that Chicago would be "chilly, if not downright cold." I implored them both to dress warmly, and to bring comfortable shoes. I told them we would be walking, walking, and walking some more.

I was SO excited about them coming for a visit, since neither of them had ever spent any time in Chicago....

Well, wouldn't you know it?

My sweet "niece" Julia whined about it being cold the entire time she was here. And if it wasn't something about being "cold" it was something about we need to "find a Starbucks quickly."

I didn't realize this sweet eighteen year old, blonde bombshell would be caffeine addicted already!

She's precious. She's beautiful. She's smart. She's charming. And she's addicted.


We had a great time at the "Lighting the Magnificent Mile" Parade. Julia had a great time in Macy's, Nordstrom's, and Coach.

But, sweet niece of mine..."please dress warmly the next time."

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