A Fresh Face here...

With eternal gratitude to my wonderful friend Joshua Hunt, "Something to Consider" gets a brand new "face"--a transplant/reconstruction/fresh look.

Joshua is a dear brother in Christ, and a great friend.  He and I met several weeks ago--about 4 now--when he first came into my life as a "Couch Surfer" in my home.

He thought he was coming for two days--and was here almost seven.

Neither of us knew just how long he would be in my home...but GOD knew...and GOD did some wonderful things for both of us in this new friendship, and in our time together. 

I can't remember ever meeting a more servant-hearted man...a strong, kind, and GENTLE man...full of grace, and a tender, teachable heart.

So if you like the "new look" thank my buddy Joshua.

You can also find some of his music at:

He's great...