When the time comes...

I promise to write more often on this blog.  My precious friend Joshua Hunt did such an amazing job re-designing it for me, and I need to keep it current.

So many things are swirling around in my mind now...memories from days gone by...memories of "not being good enough"...memories of "not making it"...memories of being "the also ran..."

Sometimes, we forget...and that's a good thing.   Sometimes, "forgetting" is God's gift to us--telling us to "go on...walk forward and see what is in store."

I just wish HE would tell me now...but He doesn't--well, not most of the time, anyway.   I don't get a vote on the things that GOD has in store...but I can always trust Him....even when life is painful (which it sometimes is), and when life is unfair (again, that happens too, too often), and when we feel that we've been rejected and labeled "not good enough."

Yet, JESUS came...and as I told a friend this week, "If you were the ONLY person in the Universe, God would still send His Son just to die on a Cross so that you can have access to Himself.  He loves you that  much."

I"m glad I'm not the only person in the Universe...but, I know that GOD would want me--even if I were.

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ruthrap said...

Phil, we have all had those thoughts..we are just specs in the universe, but remarkably He knows each and every heart that beats!