Some things that I've learned....

H Jackson Brown Jr has compiled a terric little book, Live and Learn and Pass It On.

Here are some things that people from ages 5 to 95 have shared about life, love, and other stuff. I've only chosen a few:

I've learned that old women can get away with just about anything.

I've learned that failures always blame someone else.

I've learned that the important thing is now what others think of me...but what I think of me.

I've learned that my worst decisions were made when I was angry.

I've learned that meeting interesting people depends less on where you go than on who you are.

I've learned that no one is ever so powerful or successful that they don't appreciate a sincere compliment.

I've learned that comfortable shoes are a MUST..always.

I've learned that a woman would rather be complimented about her intelligence than her looks.

I've learned that you can never have too many smart people in your life.

I've learned that I still cannot eat an Oreo without first opening it up and licking off the filling.

I've learned that the best tranquilizer is a clear conscience

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