2006: The Year of the "Real Deal" or Is it?

Two-Thousand Five was quite the year:

The "Ladies' Trio" (Katrina, Rita, and Wilma) all slamming into the southern shores of this nation, and showing America (and the entire watching world) how woefully unprepared every level of government in our magnificently blest country is for such catastrophic events.

Indictments from just about every corner of the country--conservatives, liberals, in-betweens, and all the rest. So maybe the "Holier-than-you" crowd wasn't so holy after all, huh? We will indeed reap what we sow. At least that's what Galatians Chapter 6 said when I read it recently.

And so, now we have to ask "What is the real deal?"

And I'm still asking that.

I sat under the ministry of a person who was fond of using the phrase "the real deal" quite often. I even labeled him "the real-deal Pastor" one time when describing him to a friend of mine.

Recent events have caused me to journey along the road of "uncertainty" again--and particularly where certain persons are concerned. I'm not convinced they are the "real deal" after all.

And if they are, their actions--and lack of action--have certainly betrayed them.

Yet we know that our Heavenly Father sees everything, understands everything, and will ultimately judge everything.

At least that's what Hebrews Chapter Four tells me.

And when that time comes, it will be


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Henry Haney said...

Brother Phil,

This is something I wrestle with from time to time. I want to be genuine and authentic, but I acknowledge that there are levels of hypocrisy that I surely have laying just beneath the surface (or possibly above the surface-sometimes it's hard for me to see with this beam in my eye).

You're right- there will come a Day in which the wood, hay, and stubble will be revealed for what it truly is. I pray that I will have built with better materials when the time of testing comes.

Happy New Year!