Dear Senator Obama....

I am one of your constituents here in Illinois. I voted for you in 2004, and was very happy to cast my vote for you. In my opinion, the GOP basically had no "candidate"--because Ambassador Keyes made such a fool of himself, and should have never been on the Illinois ballots in the first place.

But now, we are some 9 months from the General election, and it appears that you have tremendous momentum. That has caused me to think alot, and pray very, very diligently for you and your wife, along with those two beautiful daughters in your care.

Months ago I decided that I could not support your candidacy, and those reasons are already listed. Yet, even without my endorsement (which, along with $1.95 will get you a hot cup of something at Caribou or Starbucks) you have captured the attention, enthusiasm, and imagination of these 50 United States. Congratulations!

But, even so, there is so much that needs to happen in this nation. As you have well documented in your great book, The Audacity to Hope, we are standing on the precipice of some engaging times here in America. We are, hopefully, beginning to see the end of our occupation in Iraq; we have seen what an abysmal failure "No Child Left Behind" has been; we are discovering, much to our dismay and horror, that our military healthcare delivery systems are in severe disrepair, and can't wait any longer for the "bureaucracy" to do something. These brave men and women need HEALTHCARE NOW...and deserve it NOW....

And those are just the domestic issues.

Our foreign policy seems to be "all over the place." We have Iran, North Korea, and Syria to deal with. We have the incredible instability in Lebanon, the fickle Saudis, and the rest of the Middle East where our national interests currently reside.

What about our friends in Asia, Europe, Central and South America, Africa and beyond? I've not heard you say anything about these "vital interests of the United States." Why not?

Senator, while your campaign has made alot of people "feel good" and get the "chills, thrills, and tingles"--there is real work to be done. My question is: Can you surround yourself with the people who are capable of doing it?

Should you become President of the United States, you will have my prayers, encouragement and support. But, make no mistake, there are some SERIOUS issues that will await you on January 21, 2009. And then you will have to "man up" and lead.

Are you ready for that?

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