It's snowing again...

I really don't want to "complain"--but I've just about had all of the "snow" for this winter season that I can reasonably enjoy.

I've had my "Kodak" "Hallmark" and "Disney" moments already. I've had the "Currier and Ives" sentiment a few times since the first snow fall back in November.

Looking outside my office window right now, I see nothing but large flakes of white falling from the sky. Will it ever stop?

Of course while I am complaining, I must stop and remember that my friends down in Georgia are in desperate need of water. They've had very little precipitation in a very long time.

It would be my dream to just package all of this "white stuff" up and send it down to the Atlanta area...

But that won't happen. Even when I wish it could.

Thank God for the snow!

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