I love GOOD Southern Gospel Music....

And I'm sure that none of my friends find that entirely surprising!

I was raised on it...for the most part. My sainted Grandmother Hoover always had great music on in our home. On any given Sunday morning, we would be listening to the Speer Family, or the Happy Goodmans, or the Florida Boys, et al.

Southern Gospel music often tells a story. A profound, wonderful, powerful story. A story of what GOD is doing or has done in the life of those who look to Him. Some of the most wonderful theology I can remember is from some of the songs I learned as a kid, "Heaven's Jubilee" "What a Happy Time" and "Leave It There."

When I need to draw close to the LORD, I often pull out my Bible, and put on some really good music....that music that reminds me of my journey with Jesus....The Perrys do a tremendous version of Kyla Rowland's "I Rest My Case At The Cross"---and it reminds me of just how much Jesus has done, and continues to do for me.

I'll write more later....but yes, I love GOOD SOUTHERN GOSPEL MUSIC.

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J. Stephen Conn said...

I love good Southern Gospel music too and I don't think it's altogether because I grew up hearing it. Most Southern Gospel just happens to be good music - and there's not much of that around any more.