Sometimes, I wonder...

about why things are the way they are.....

I see people being "wildly successful" (whatever THAT means) doing things that have always fascinated me. And sometimes, I even ask GOD, "Why didn't that happen to me?" What I really mean is "Why didn't YOU let that happen to me?"

As I have to regularly remind myself, the LORD knows where I am, and where HE wants me to be in the future, as well as in the present circumstances. But, even with that knowledge of His sovereignty, I still often ask Him, "Why?"

I realize that HE is under no obligation to explain anything to me...but I take great comfort in knowing that I can always ask Him the questions that are "tough" in my own soul. I can always ask HIM the hard stuff:

"Why did my parents not love YOU, and made no real attempts to love me?" "Why did I suffer from the neglect and abuse that YOU could have so easily prevented, but didn't?" "Why have I struggled most of my life with some of the very basic issues that should have been settled so long ago?"

I am humbled that GOD has called me to Himself, and has called me to be His son. Often I feel like the young boy in Luke 15, who finally came to himself, and returned to his father's home, and said, "I'm willing to be just a servant." I've tasted the good things of God, and have found HIS FAMILY to be my "REAL FAMILY"...experiencing HIS LOVE as it was meant to be experienced. I've seen the 'face of Jesus' in so many others who have loved me, and shown me just what the FATHER is like, even though they are imperfect just like I am.

I've even asked, "Why didn't YOU let me pursue ministry and preach YOUR message and SING YOUR song to the masses?" Then I realized that I could "sing HIS song" and "preach HIS message" in more ways than just the ones that have been so highly visible. His song is LOVE, and HIS message is that He sent HIS Son, Jesus, to love us.

It doesn't take a professional to do that. Just a child transformed the SONG and the MESSAGE. I found out that I qualify.

So, yes, I can rest my case at the Cross. I do indeed have someone to "champion my cause."

Thank you, Jesus.


Emily said...

Psalm 73. :)

Bill (cycleguy) said...

Absolutely best line: "it doesn't take a professional to do that. Just a child transformed (by) the SONG and the MESSAGE. I found out that I qualify." Amen to that Phil! If only more would realize that and believe it!!

Jackie Johns said...

Beautifully and powerfully said. Thanks for this reminder of God's presence, love, and faithfulness.