Hispanics to Bush: "You owe us one..."

And all I have to say to that absolute "nonsense" is "Oh really?"

That is almost like me calling the White House and telling the President, "Oh by the way Prez, I endorsed such and so...and you owe me one..."

I was reading a rather lengthy article in the Chicago Tribune on Friday, and the author was quoting several well-knowns in the political world (mostly Hispanic, I might add), and they were carping about how President Bush had "let them down twice." This being, he let them down because he did not nominate a Latino for the nation's highest judiciary.

Well, couldn't just about every "group" say that someone in Washington DC owes them something?

What about all those "evangelicals" who voted for the current President because they thought he would "kowtow" to their ever-changing agenda?

Sometimes the "religious right" can be oh, so very wrong!

As much as I respect James Dobson (a good Nazarene by the way) and Focus on the Family
I am greatly disturbed when Dobson and those associated with him express their displeasure at someone they do not know (Harriet Miers, in this case)--and believe the President "short changed them."

George W Bush is the President of the entire United States.

Not just the "evangelicals."

And yes, I'm a Bible-practicing, Bible-believing Christian. But I don't believe the President "owes me anything."


J. Stephen Conn said...

Hi Phil,

What a great blog you have, and so true to it's name. You've certainly given me some things to think about. In fact, there's far more than I can take in here on one visit, so I'll be back.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your kind words. Have a HaPpY DaY!

Phil Hoover, Chicago said...

I absolutely love Minnesota...

Keep us updated...

Great blog as usual