A serious mistake....what else is new from the Bush Administration?

President Bush has accepted the withdrawal request of his latest Supreme Court nominee, Harriet Ellan Miers.

In my opinion, this is a serious mistake.

It is definitely Ms Miers' perogative to request a withdrawal of her name from the nomination.

But the President should have insisted on her receiving a hearing from the Senate Judiciary Committee. After all, the hearings were set to open on Monday, November 7th.

I understand her desire to "keep the peace"--what little may be left.

Whomever the "new nominee" may be, I sincerely hope that Jim Dobson (Focus on the Family) will keep his "inside information" to himself...and not breathe a word to anyone for any reason.

After all, Dr Dobson is not the President of these United States.

At least, not the last time I voted, he wasn't on the ballot.

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