230 years later...it's about time!

So the United States Senate has finally decided that "English" needs to be the official, unifying language of these here "Nifty Fifty."

Well, Mergatroid!

What took them so long!

I wonder how those 100 people arrived at the conclusion that "taxpayers" are as mad as mad can get about the absolute arbitrary waste of OUR money on translating every possible government document for people who REFUSE to learn the prevailing language of the law and commerce in this nation.

Just how long did it take for that "revelation" to occur?

Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) is just DEAD wrong about this amendment being "racist." He's a bright man...and a Mormon at that....he should know better.

Or maybe those people in Nevada aren't having the "illegal" immigrant difficulties the rest of the nation has experienced....but I hardly doubt it.

Make ENGLISH the official language of this country. And make sure that EVERYONE understands that learning the "official language" is a priority here.

Not just a passing thought.