"Casa De Grant"---Thanks a million!

I had the most wonderful weekend just passed....

I had the marvelous blessing of traveling some 4 hours (by Amtrak) to central Wisconsin and visit my friends, Paul and Cynthia Grant and their son Jason.

It was wonderful.

Cynthia is the oldest sister of my great friend Kevin Moses (whom I celebrated back in February on his birthday in this very blog), and we have been friends for almost ten years now. Her husband, Paul and I have become good friends over the last two years. I've also known Jason since he was much younger than he is now. He's a strapping 17 year old high schooler.

Paul and Cynthia came to Chicago back in early April to "honeymoon"--since they had never taken an official "honeymoon" in their years of marriage. I was happy to be their "tour" guide sporadically during their four days here in the Windy City.

At that time, these two extended an invitation for me to come visit them in Wisconsin. And I did. It was just fabulous!

I needed to get out of the city for a few days, and get back to the "country side." And since I had never spent any significant time in Wisconsin, this would be the perfect opportunity to do so.

I arrived Friday evening, and was thrilled to see the three of them. Saturday found us hiking and mountain climbing over at Devil's Lake, some 50 miles from Tomah, Wisconsin--where the Grant household lives. It was definitely exhilirating. It has been many moons since I climbed a mountain....and it felt great. The weather cooperated...the people were all friendly, and the view was breath-taking from the very first steps.

And if that wasn't enough, Paul, Jason and myself decided that we needed to stop at the Wisconsin Dells and ride the Roller Coasters for a while.

Now, that was a rush....I've not felt that kind of gravity pull in many, many years. I'm still feeling a little bit of the "gravity" forces I do believe!

After a wonderful meal (and alot of laughs) at the Cracker Barrel, we headed home, and prepared for a good night's rest. And then worship on Sunday at their local church.

Before I jump over into the land of "boring you all silly"--I wanted to take this precious space and thank the three marvelous people in Casa De Grant for such a wonderful weekend. Everything was absolutely perfect.

So Paul, Cynthia, Jason if you are reading this....

Much love, and manifold thanks to all three of you.

It was perfect.

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Cynthia D. Grant said...

You are always welcome in our home. You are my brother-in-Christ. Family is family, I hope you have a very blessed week.