I must confess....

This has been one "eventful" year for me...in many ways.

I made it through another year of my very engaging (and exhausting) work at Coyne American Institute here in Chicago (www.coyneamerican.edu).

I finally became a member of The Moody Church--where I've been worshipping for quite a while now (www.moodychurch.org).

I lived through a serious bout with the flu, and later bronchitis (February/March) with subzero temperatures being the norm here in the Chicago area.

I survived the "subprime mortgage" debaucle, and took a great loss on my condo--which I no longer own. I am now, very happily, renting again.

I attended several weddings of friends who decided to "tie the knot"--and happily so. My friend Aaron Kuglin (in Decatur, GA) had a short engagement, and asked me to be part of his wedding...I was delighted, humbled, and honored.

I visited my old stomping grounds in Cleveland, TN during the weekend of Lee University's homecoming (www.leeuniversity.edu). God allowed me to see many, many people whom I've not seen in a long time...some more than 20 years. This caused my heart and soul to rejoice.

But not everything has been "so rosy":

I've fallen behind on my tithing and giving to the Lord. I don't like this feeling at all.

I've willfully sinned against God due to my own selfishness, and internal turmoils. Instead of running to Him, I've often run FROM Him. And I do honestly know better. I'm thankful for a Heavenly Father who loves me, draws me to Himself, and restores my soul. (No further details will be discussed here).

I've forsaken the wonderful Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting at my local church. But no more...I will be there in 2008, regularly.

There is plenty more to confess, but this post can only be so long.


Prodigal Jon said...

thanks for sharing. I wrote a post that was like that called "My 6 most smite worthy moments"

Check it out sometime if you get a chance,


Phil Hoover said...

I remember this well.