Ron Paul for President: A RESOUNDING "NO!"

I woke up very early on Monday morning (like 3 a.m. central time), and just happen to stumble into the living room, and turned on the television. Much to my delight, Channel 5 (NBC) was re-airing Sunday's MEET THE PRESS with host/moderator Tim Russert.

His guest was Dr Ron Paul--the obstetrician-turned-Congressman from Texas.

I was sorta glad that Congressman Paul was when I would eventually "go back to sleep" I knew that I wouldn't be missing very much.

The man's insanity--for some strange reason--fascinated me. He was "railing" against government--while he's been on the Federal payroll for more than a dozen years.

He was "railing" against foreign policy--yet his GOP has had control of the White House for the last 7+ years.

He was "railing" against federal taxes (which I could partially agree with him about), but he had no plan to pay for "anything"...

This man was very unprepared drama at it's worst.

And how anyone could possibly consider supporting him or giving a dime to his campaign is beyond me.

It is a resounding "NO" to Ron Paul...and particularly not for President of the United States.

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