My Spiritual Home...The Moody Church

For the first time since 1973, I have become a member of a non-Pentecostal/non-Charismatic church...a true-blue, card-carrying member.

I remember hearing the worship services of the historical Moody Church in Chicago for many, many years before I ever actually moved to the Windy City. Thanks to the Moody Broadcasting Network (and WMBW-FM, Chattanooga in particular), I was able to join in the wonderful music, and the tremendous preaching from the sanctuary of The Moody Church on many occasions.

My very first visit to The Moody Church was in September 2000, less than one month after I arrived in Chicago. I fell in love with the place immediately. I made the decision (after much prayer and contemplation) to call "Moody Church" my home for the time being.

In October 2002, I felt the Lord pulling me elsewhere, and so I followed. For three years, I was a "card-carrying" member of another congregation in the city of Chicago. But I never forgot the wonderful "family" down @ 1609 N LaSalle Street.

As providence and circumstances would have it, I returned to The Moody Church in November 2005. It was an easy decision for me, once I decided to leave the former congregation.

Some two years later--November 2007--I became an official member of this wonderful historic congregation.

I am delighted...thrilled, honored, and humbled.

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