My Precious Grandmother...

My wonderful paternal grandmother, Clara Elizabeth Hoover, made that final journey to Heaven sixteen years ago today! She was 91 years old, when we all said "goodbye" to her. Even though I didn't have the opportunity to actually witness the "event"--there was no doubt that she ended her "final journey" from the confines of her hospital bed in Huntsville, Alabama to that glorious city Whose Builder and Maker is God.

What a precious, precious promise that has been for me, over the years. Even though Alzheimers' disease stole her mind, and her activity...God Himself claimed her heart and her spirit for His very own abode in glory.

This wonderful lady raised me, and cared for me when no one else wanted me. Had it not been for her huge heart, and her great love for me, I'm not sure I would have ever lived.

It's just too much to put into words right now, but I feel like I'm the luckiest man alive.

"Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of His saints"...and over time this "death" has become more precious than I could have ever imagined. And it continues to be precious to me.

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