After all these years, it's ABOUT TIME...

that I get my flabby self back into shape.

And I started this morning. Really, I did! I actually got up and was in the local "gym" before 5:45 a.m.

A new "Cardinal Fitness" center opened one block from my apartment. I watched it go up several months ago...and when they had open membership registration, I was one of the first to "sign up." And the gym actually opened today.

I was there early...and I got a pretty good workout (for beginners, of course). I stayed until 6:30 a.m. I spent about 20 minutes on the treadmill, about 10 on the elliptical, and did some of the weight machines.

I'm actually very pleased with myself so far. I have committed to go to the "gym" five mornings a week--Monday through Friday. I might go on Saturdays, and I'm definitely NOT going on Sundays.

But this is the first day of a "brand new me."

So, here's what I want ALL OF YOU to do: Keep me accountable! Make sure that you ask if I have been "faithful" in my commitment to "fitness."

I need this to be a reality in my life.

Just because I am 40-something doesn't mean I have to look the part.

Well, not THAT part at least.


M. Steve Heartsill said...'s been 4 days...since going to the gym????

Phil Hoover, Chicago said...

It's going better than I thought...but not as quickly as I would like....Steve...keep praying for me...