Mr and Mrs Jeff Knapp: Congratulations!

A first for me:
Last Saturday, I had the awesome responsibility and HIGH privilege of being the "food manager" for the wedding of my great friend Jeff Knapp and his new wife, Melody.

Jeff and I have been friends for almost 8 years now. He is now 40 years old, and happily married so far!

The wedding was performed at The Moody Church (, where Jeff and Melody are both active members. It is also my home church as well.

About a month ago, I offered my cooking skills and services to this wonderful couple--just a way of showing them how much I love them both, and how thrilled I am for their decision to "unite."

It was alot of work...ALOT of work, saints!

It was alot of fun too.

Whatever could go wrong in the first floor kitchen at the church--it did!

But the Lord helped me (us) through it all, and the Reception Buffet was flawless and seamless. I praise the Lord for that!

Someone came over and asked, "Phil, if you get married, who is going to cook for you?" My immediate answer, without even hesitating, was, "We'll all go to Cracker Barrel."

But I want to congratulate my wonderful, wonderful friends, Mr and Mrs Jeff Knapp.

May the Lord bless your marriage in every possible way.

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