"Mr Hoover, you are a suitable donor"

I received a wonderful call from the Renal Transplant Center of the University of Alabama-Birmingham hospital two days ago....telling me that my blood samples had been closely evaluated and that I am a 'suitable donor' to give one of my kidneys to my great friend, Dr Bill George.

I was first introduced to Dr Bill George some 20+ years ago, when he was teaching the "Introduction to World Missions" course at Lee College (now University, www.leeuniversity.edu). The Lord used this course, and this precious servant to cause me to fall in love with "missions."

Dr Bill has performed every ministry assignment with class and grace, and genuine humility. He was a missionary for many years. He has also served as a college professor, a missions educator, and in other levels where assigned in the Church of God. He has always honored the Lord with his work.

Several weeks ago, I saw the request for "Help find a kidney for Dr Bill George" on Facebook, and felt a tugging at my heart. Disclaimer: I have NEVER contemplated giving one of my organs while I'm still alive....but this time was different. I knew that God was in this one. I simply wanted to follow where the Holy Spirit would lead. The Lord gave me the words to share with Dr Bill, "Let's see what the Lord might have for us in this situation."

Never once did I ever doubt that I would be a "suitable donor." The LORD had placed a certainty in my heart, and now I'm just wanting to follow His lead and direction in this process.

Please pray for both myself and Dr Bill George. I am now scheduled for extensive testing at the University of Alabama-Birmingham Renal Transplant Center on Thursday, June 11, 2009. It will be an "all day affair."

Truly, I am ready to "see what the Lord has for us in this situation." It will ALL be HIS DOING.

We are trusting in Him.

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