A tribute to The Couriers: "Twelve Men"

I first heard this powerful song when I was a young teenager. The Couriers (who have changed personnel over the years) were just wonderful! I had always wanted to be in a men's trio (that dream never materialized, and probably never will--I'm okay with it!), and these guys were the "gold standard" for men's trio music.

This great song, "Twelve Men" helped me to remember the "history" of the "first church" that Jesus called together--His followers, those He would disciple. Here are the words:
Twelve Men

Jesus walked along the shore one day
Heavy burdens love for others, upon Him lay
He was looking for a friend
He was looking for twelve men
who would gladly follow all the way.

Twelve men, chosen men
Jesus was looking for twelve men.

First He called for Andrew by the shore
told his brother Simon Peter, he had a chore.
And of one, He was so fond, you’ll recall his name was John,
still He called for Judas and eight more.

Simon, James the elder , Jude , Matthew,
Thomas ,Phillip, James the lesser, Bartholomew,
These twelve men the world did hate,
striving to eliminate,
this is how they finally met their fate:

Twelve men chosen men
Eleven of them true but on a devil.
Judas sold the Son of God for silver

Andrew died upon the cross we hear
Thomas died in India, with a spear
James the Less was sawn in two,
Arrows through the body of Jude
Phillip died by hanging without fear
Filleted alive with knives, Bartholomew
Martyred Simon, James the elder, writer, Matthew,
Simon Peter in Rome found, crucified there upside down
Only John did live his whole life through.

Twelve men, chosen men.
Eleven of the true but one a devil
Judas hung himself and lost his silver.
Wow! And just to think of what we believe today....Twelve men....Jesus is still looking for Twelve men!


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