Four Weeks Ago today....

at this very hour, I was in the Recovery Room of the University of Alabama-Birmingham hospital. The LORD had just performed a marvelous "surgery" in both my body and my heart.
He used Dr Jeremy Goodman to do HIS bidding. But it was GOD's work...I fully realize that.

The nurse practitioner had told me (the day before) that I would be "woozy" and wouldn't feel like talking to anyone....but nothing could have been further from the truth. When I arrived back in my hospital room, I saw people rejoicing, and praising God for what had happened! I remember asking someone, "Am I in the hospital, or am I waking up in heaven?" My good friend, Pastor Charles Butler (who came from Chicago to be with me during this event) said, "Brother, you are in the hospital." (I was tempted to ask them if we could "try this again", but I knew better). I was wide awake!

Robert Daugherty, Anthony and Marti Stone, Pastor Charles Butler, Kevin Brooks, Ted and Judy Gee, and a host of other people were in my room, praising the LORD, and rejoicing in what HE had done. I was WIDE AWAKE! And I was ready to "hear all about it."

Pretty soon, I discovered that I had tubes running out of my IV flowing from my left arm, and a foley catheter flowing from my bladder--that catheter was my BEST friend that night....I had a very, very dry throat--the surgeon had intubated me so I could breathe during the procedure...and I had a couple of swollen places on my lips...but it was over!

I started "itching" some, and discovered that half of my otherwise hairy chest had been shaved...why on earth did that happen? Did I 'consent' for them to "shave my chest"? Well, obviously I had given my consent....and yes, the hair would grow back...eventually (I'm still waiting for that...LOL)

About 4:45 p.m. that afternoon, my friend Pastor Charles helped me get up and walk...without coercion from the nursing staff! With the IV pole, the Catheter bag, and a wheel chair in front of me (to steady me), I walked around the corrider of the nursing floor...and felt great....I was also very glad to get back to my bed!

That was FOUR WEEKS ago today....and it seems like only yesterday. Praising God for His favor. Bill George now has a new lease on life...the kidney is "working like a racehorse" (his words, not mine), and we are both recovering nicely.

Praise the Lord!

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