Central Falls High School was done DIRTY!

One of the main headlines in today's news is the firing of more than 90 personnel at the Central Falls High School in tiny Rhode Island. This number includes at least SEVENTY-FOUR teachers.


I was listening to the interview on NPR's "Morning Edition" and heard one of the newly unemployed teachers say, "These students bring so many issues to school with them every day...how can we possibly make sure they learn everything they should be learning?"

And the simple answer is..."they can't." The powers-that-be have alleged this particular school and its faculty/staff have been "underperforming." And this time, I really, really may agree with them.

But the question that NO ONE asked is this: "Which one of the teachers' 1000 jobs are being underperformed? Lawyer? Social Worker? Adjudicator? Banker? Psychologist? Referee? Medical Assistant? Crisis Manager? Abuse Counselor?

While I am all for schools doing what "schools should do best".....we must look beyond the "schools." Where have these parents been? Has anyone told them they are "underperforming" as the PRIMARY EDUCATORS of these young people?

Maybe someone should. But who will dare fire them?

Of course, our 'chickens' really are coming home to roost now. Back in the 1960s (when I was still a VERY SMALL CHILD), the United States gave GOD the "left foot of fellowship" right out of our public school systems, and made sure that no moral compass/standard/guidance would dare 'damage their young minds.'

Of course, when there is no "compass" of any kind, then every student will do what is right in their own eyes....be it stealing, cheating, lying, killing, robbing, or just not showing up. Why have a "righteous standard" when we can let these "free spirits" dwell in a prison of their own making, and reap the disastrous results for YEARS to come.

It's so easy to blame the teachers...really it is. And yes, some teachers really shouldn't be in the classroom....but that percentage is miniscule....very, very miniscule.

Maybe the "powers-that-be" should go back and handle these classrooms for a few days....

They will GLADLY hire these hardworking men and women back.

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