A Food Revolution...WE NEED ONE....Badly...

This nation owes a HUGE DEBT OF GRATITUDE to First Lady Michelle Obama. In less than 15 months, this elegant and influential woman has brought "FOOD" to the forefront of the nation's consciousness.

Medical studies are showing that CHILDHOOD OBESITY is a growing problem in the United States. And this is something that "medical studies" didn't have to show me. I see it almost every day. When I go into drugstores (normally either Walgreens or CVS), get on the public buses and subways here in Chicago, and attend other events, I see people are having problems with their weight.

Most of them are under 30 years of age. Many are under the age of 20...WHY?

I was on the bus last Sunday morning, headed to morning worship. A lady sitting in front of me was feeding her four-year old daughter a bag of chips, a candy bar, and a can of Mountain Dew...it was only 8:45 a.m ! What habits is this child learning? How often is this being repeated around the country--with little, if any, variation?

I've never been obese...a few extra pounds last year, and getting them off was one of the most exhilirating challenges of my life. (Okay, EXHILIRATING, was a bit of a stretch--but it was good for me.)

When the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that some of our locales are the most "unhealthy towns in America" and this nation (in some places) gets in an unrighteous uproar.

While these same people are FURIOUS about healthcare reform (which was recently passed and signed into law), they are completely oblivious--or at least tolerant--of the horrible health habits in their own homes, schools, and neighborhoods. We can fuss and fume, and scream and holler, and protest....but we REFUSE to monitor our own lifestyles. And we certainly don't like it when someone else points out what we should have paid attention to all along.

What did I have for breakfast? Some yogurt, an egg sandwich, and a glass of water. I'll have an apple and a banana later in the morning for a snack.

Healthcare begins in our refrigerators. And in our kitchens, and in our homes.

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