So Forty-Eight Years ago today....

It pleased the LORD for me to enter this world that HE made, and to bear His image....and what an adventure it has been!

Born to a severely dysfunctional family (the exception way back then, the RULE now, it seems), I never really knew what "normal" was...and sometimes I still wonder if "normal" is some nebulous concept that everyone wants, but no one really ever achieves.

I've had a very full life.

Growing up dirt poor (and I do mean DIRT POOR), we had to trust the LORD and the good will of those HE would send our way for our most basic needs. But I never went hungry, and never had to sleep out in the cold...for that I'm most grateful. God has always provided.

The LORD has given me a good mind, and a strong spirit. I'm eternally thankful. I am humblemd by so many who embrace me as a friend, brother in Christ, and a fellow pilgrim on this journey to Heaven. I am so undeserving of such grace and love and mercy. But I am thankful beyond words.

Some of my favorite words:

"He knew me, yet He loved me.
He, whose glory makes the heavens shine!
I'm so unworthy of such mercy!
When HE was on the Cross,
I was on His mind."

What else can I say?