So very thankful...

I am constantly reminded of how very blest my life has been thus far.

I was visiting some precious friends in North Carolina last weekend. At one point, I began to share how I came to Christ as a small child. As I was telling this very true account, it seemed as though it were happening afresh to me. It felt as though it were just a few weeks ago, instead of almost 42 years ago.

Even though I grew up without my biological parents, the LORD made sure that plenty of people were around to "raise me" and to take the most minute interest in my development as a human being. Those people meant the world to me THEN, and they still do. Some things just never change. And they shouldn't.

Looking back, HIS LOVE and MERCY I see....yes, I can clearly see HIS love and HIS mercy demonstrated through HIS people. I am the most unworthy of recipients...but also among the most grateful.

God has a way of reminding us of HIS love and HIS care....His Word, His Spirit, His guidance, and His people....each of these remind me that JESUS does indeed love me. How do I know?

The Bible tells me so. His Spirit tells me so. He faithfully guides me (when I'm willing to follow HIS agenda, instead of my own), and His people demonstrate HIS love in ways that I could never ever ask for nor duplicate.

I'm so very thankful for all of this. I don't deserve it...not in the least little bit, but I am thankful.

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Bill (cycleguy) said...

Blows me away when I think of it also Phil.