"Abiding" on "Angel Lane"....Thanks OPRAH!

I happen to have the OPRAH show (www.oprah.com) on in my office right now. They are showing the many houses that the "Angel network" is building in the aftermath of the Katrina disaster last fall.

I know a preacher who will deride Oprah Winfrey every opportunity he gets. And I'm truly saddened for him because of his great disdain for this lady with whom he disagrees.

I don't agree with many of her "spiritual" positions either. Actually, I disagree with just about all of them...

But, I cannot ignore all the good that this lady who has worked hard, been generous, and become a household name, had done for the desperate and needy in the Gulf Coast area.

My only question would be: "How can the Church of Jesus Christ do the same thing?"

We have the resources. We have the people.

Now, do we have the heart?

That really is something to consider.

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