Who benefits from all of this?

In 2002 a major scandal erupted in the Roman Catholic Church here in the United States: Alleged sexual abuses, and worse yet, "cover ups" by the priests, archbishops, and cardinals who are responsible for "the church" here in the United States.

I'm not a Catholic. I never will be a Catholic, I'm pretty sure.

But I am concerned, and concerned on several levels.

If the "victims" were molested, violated, or abused in any way, why has it taken so long for them to come forward with their allegations?

I am not denying that sexual abuse ever happened in the Catholic Church, or in any other denomination for that matter. I'm sure it has, and it is sad indeed. And it should be dealt with here and now.

But what if the persons so accused are found to be "innocent" of the alleged abuses?

Who shepherds and cares for them? Who will be there to help them restore their lives? Who will be there to help them repair--if possible--their ministries and their personal reputations?

I am not denying the awful harm and the shame that surrounds those who have, in fact, been abused by people of the cloth, clergy and laity. It's shameful, it's illegal, and it should be dealt with. Now.

But, could some of this hullabaloo be about "money" and "anger" and other things?

For the sake of God's people--in every denomination--I pray the truth will come to light.

Sooner, rather than later.

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