Back HOME in Chicago!

For those of you who regularly "check my blog..." please forgive me for not writing a bit more frequently.

From April 13th through 23rd, I was not available to access my blog page, and create a new entry, detailing my "goings-on." So I'll try to recap some of the last ten days in this forum.

April 13th: Going back to Dixie

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of a wonderful family member, I was able to get on a flight from Chicago-O'Hare International Airport (at "O-dark thirty") and fly nonstop to Huntsville, Alabama--my place of birth, rearing, and coming of puberty, and somewhat adulthood.

Most of my biological and extended family still live in North Alabama..

I must say that it was "hotter than blazes" in the Huntsville area--and I knew it immediately.

I was wearing a long-sleeved pull over, and some jeans.

The minute I walked out of the aircraft into the Huntsville airport, I started "clutching" my throat, because of the heat. It was almost 90 degrees that day!

The pollen was swirling all over the place. The gorgeous flowers (or as the South Georgians would say, "Gawjus flairs") were blooming, and decorating the area with their fabulous colors.

And my precious grandmother, who will soon be 84 years old, was delighted to see her oldest grandson.

I was glad to see her also.

More to come.