Friday's Agenda: Great friends, Great food!

During my just completed vacation to Alabama, I had the priceless opportunity to reconnect with people who have meant a great deal to me over at least 3.5 decades.

Teresa Rollings (one of the five most important women in my life--then and now) was my High School Anatomy and Physiology teacher, as well as my Chemistry instructor. She won my heart in so many ways, and became that mentor, encourager, strengthener, and tremendous friend that EVERYONE needs when they are a confused high schooler. Now Tereasa is the High School Principal at Madison Academy in the Huntsville area. Here's a link to her:

Tereasa and I had a wonderful lunch at this place called "Covington's" over in the downtown district of Huntsville. It was just delightful. We had many laughs, and a few tears. Tereasa is my hero in so many ways. She always will be.

That evening, my great friends Anthony and Marti (my sort-of adopted sister) Stone treated me to dinner in the city, and I can't remember when I have enjoyed dinner and conversation more than I did that evening. I don't remember the name of the restaurant, but we did sit outside on the patio, and it was marvelous. The cheese plate was scrumptious, and the entrees were terrific. Our server...dont' remember his name either...was a delight, and the conversation with him was load-lifting.

It seems like all I did that day was "eat."

Oh well, what are vacations for anyway?