So all the "illegals" want to march on Monday?

The latest buzz on the news networks is that all of our "illegal" immigrants (and many of those supporting them) who think they have "divine rights" in these United States, are planning to have a massive, nationwide "March" on Monday, May 1, 2006.

Almost 300, 000 are expected to march right here in Chicago.

Many people (mostly immigrants, both legal and otherwise) are encouraging the Latinos (and other immigrants) to boycott work, school, and other obligations on Monday, so "their voices can be heard."

I am not a racist, and the farthest thing from ever being one. However:

If you want to have a peaceful demonstration....go ahead. And then, when you miss work, school, and your other obligations, then go peacefully to the Unemployment Office, and try to explain why you no longer have a job.

See if "those good people" buy your story.

I have a strong hunch they won't fall for it.