California Burning---Not good!

Like the rest of the nation, I watched in absolute horror last night as Charlie Gibson brought a "Primetime Special Report: California Burning" right after Dancing with the Stars...

Having lived in Northern California for three years, I feel a very deep sorrow and grief for those wonderful people in San Diego County and the surrounding areas who have lost everything they owned to these wild fires.

These tragedies only remind me that we "can't take it with" us--regardless of how valuable it is.

The Scriptures tell us that God creates wealth, and He also brings disaster (Read Isaiah's prophecy), and in this awful time, these people must look to the God who never slumbers nor sleeps.

Now is the time for the people of God to be the "hands and feet of Christ" to more than one million people who have been affected by this disaster.

What can you do? What can I do?

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