To the land of "Biscuits and Gravy"

In about 24 hours, I will be headed to Midway Airport here in Chicago (south side), on my Southwest Airlines flight to Nashville, Tennessee. From there I will take a shuttle over to Chattanooga, TN...and my friend Dr Jimmy Harper will be picking me up, and taking me to his home in Cleveland TN--some 20 minutes north of Chattanooga. This is the "land of biscuits and gravy"...or at least one of them.

"What's the occasion?" you ask...wayul, lemme tell you all about it!

I'm really returning (temporarily) to the South for two wonderful reasons:

First, I am going to see some wonderful saints of God who have loved me (and whom I have been blest to love and know) for more than 30 years, before they graduate to Heaven. Far too many of these precious people went on to glory without me having the chance to say "Look for me." I can hardly wait to see these precious people...far too many to list here.

Second, I will be participating in the Homecoming events at my alma mater, Lee University ( I'll get to "reconnect" with alumni from all over the country, and with many of those great folk that I treasured when we were students at Lee--and treasure them even more now, some 20+ years later.

Of course, the South is known for it's wonderful "comfort" food.....and I plan to partake with great gusto and vigor.

Yep, it's the "land of biscuits and gravy" for me...

But I'll be back in The Windy City in no time...


Steve Wright said...

I will be praying for your trip Phil. I hope you make it my way to NC one day.
Steve Wright

Lowell Brannen said...

You are right about this wonderful place of 'buscuits and gravy'. I love it here in Cleveland. I also will be attending the homecoming, but I will be attending the banquet for the class of '77.