Congratulations to Aaron and Kristie

I am flying to "Hot"lanta tonite...(that's Atlanta for all the non-Southerners among us) to participate in the festivities of my great friend Aaron Kuglin. He and his wife-to-be, Kristy, will be exchanging their wedding vows on Saturday. I am so excited for them.

I first met Aaron back in 2001, during a morning service at Founder's Week--a bible conference sponsored and hosted by the Moody Bible Institute here in Chicago.

He and I went to lunch (at Portillo's if my memory serves me correctly), and we have been pals ever since. I assisted his mom and dad with the "details" of his junior recital, and again for his senior recital in 2004.

He has been closer than a brother to me, and for many reasons to numerous to detail here.

I am so thrilled for him. I am so thrilled that he wants me to be at his wedding.

It is my honor and pleasure.

Kristie is getting a "saint" of a man. And she's marrying one of my dearest friends.

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Fred O. Pitts said...


Great to meet you at the wedding. Thanks for your comment at my blog.