Where are the PARENTS in this nation?

I am continually shocked/amazed/alarmed when I see what is happening in contemporary American culture!

Now, I'm only 45 years old (will be 46 in March, 2008), but I remember a day back when:

Parents knew where their "underage" children were. (By "underage" I mean anyone less than 21 years old--and even those over 21 if they still lived in the parents' home.)

"Yes Ma'am" and "No Sir" were the only accepted answers to questions that required "two word" answers. (What happened? WHAT HAPPENED?)

Parents didn't have to worry about their ten-year old son being gunned down two blocks from his home by a stray bullet from "gang wars"....this just happened last night on Chicago's South side.....my heart breaks for that family.

Parents knew BETTER than to buy an arsenal of "anything" for their child that could harm someone else--but a mother in Pennsylvania bought an arsenal for her son to potentially harm an entire high school. The only reason the father didn't buy the boy a gun was because "Daddy is a felon"....What on earth?

I'm just wondering where the "adults" are in American society?

Have we abdicated the responsibility of civility to someone other than the "adults"?

Have "personal rights" become more necessary and absolute than "personal responsibility"?

Where are the parents/adults in this nation?

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