Illegal Immigration: Here's what I would do

I am very, very tired of the bureaucrats "wringing their hands" and not doing anything about the problem of illegal immigrants in this country.

We must do something, and do it quickly! Although I will be voting from the former Governor of Arkansas in the February Primaries (Mike Huckabee), I do disagree with his approach to illegal immigration.

Here's what I propose:

1) Stop granting automatic citizenship to the children who are born in the United States, but their parents are not United States citizens. If their parents (one or both) are here on "Green cards", the child who is born here should share their status--nothing more, nothing less. If we make this our law and enforce it, fewer people will come here to have their "anchor babies."

2) Secure our borders, and rigorously enforce the immigration laws of this land. Start deporting those who are violating our laws.

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Joe Misek said...

I agree, Phil. Securing the borders and fixing this silly loophole should be #1, because any policy will leak without these two happening first.

And to avoid a last-minute, mass flood, they should pass it immediately without much build-up before it. These don't seem to be difficult legislative tasks, and it's dragged on far too long.