Senators Clinton and McCain....

First, I can't believe that we are deep, deep in an election season! I'm still trying to recuperate from the 2000 and 2004 seasons---it can't be 2008 already!

But it is!

The New Hampshire (pronounced "nu hamsha" for all the non-New Englanders) Primaries were last night....and there were some surprises--delightful and otherwise.

The junior Senator from New York, Former First Lady Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary, after taking a drubbing in the Iowa Caucuses last week. She worked hard from last Friday until last night...and she deserved to win. She barely squeaked past the junior Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, with 39% of the Democratic vote.

The senior Senator from Arizona, Vietnam War hero John McCain surprised everyone with his handy win in the Republican column. Just a few weeks/months ago, McCain was considered to be a very distant "also ran" only to be wonderfully resurrected to win the first Primary in the nation again. He handily beat George W Bush in 2000 during the New Hampshire primary.

I supported Senator McCain's bid in 2000--and think this country made a terrible mistake by nominating George W Bush instead of the War Hero.

And so, the "race" is wide open. Really, really open.

Those who were expecting to "crown" Senator Obama had to postpone the ceremonies, and return the "crown." Those who though that former Governor Mitt Romney's "dough" would buy him the primary found themselves crying over all the spilled cash.

Goes to show that "money can't buy everything." At least not in Iowa and New Hampshire.

While this is a fascinating process to watch, I just hope this nation doesn't experience "election fatigue" too early.

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Tim Elston said...

Phil, of necessary evils Clinton and McCain are lessers. I've come to appreciate their moderation over the years and to disdain the extremisms of those who cast these two as villains. I only wish the Democrats would acknowledge a fetus's right to life, and I wish John McCain hadn't said this past weekend that he would have invaded Iraq even if it hadn't had WMD. Alas, it is starting to look like there is no one any more for whom I can vote except myself--and I would never be so foolish! What's a categoricalist to do?

A presidential election is great fun. It is like theater, except we pay at the end.