Memo to the GOP: Ronald Reagan is Dead!

With no intended disrespect to the "Gipper"....Ronald Reagan has been dead almost 4 years now. He has been out of the Oval Office for almost 20 years now. Move on!

I am basically tired of hearing Reagan's name invoked every time the Republican Candidates for the nomination get together on a platform.

Enough already!

Times are severely different than in the "times of Reagan":

1) There is no Iron Curtan, Soviet Union or Warsaw Pact now.

2) There is no more East and West Germany.

3) We do not need, want, nor desire another "Iran-Contra" scandal...or any other military scandal for that matter. Abu Ghraib will last enough more than long enough...

4) We need to get our exploding deficits under control, and paid off....

So Governors Huckabee and Romney, Senators McCain and Thompson, Mayor Giuliani---

STOP invoking Ronald Reagan. He's dead. He cannot help you.

Come up with some plans and ideas of your own.

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