Congratulation, President-Elect Obama!

Mr President-Elect,

While I did not vote for you to move into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I have always admired you. I did vote for you to become our United States Senator in 2004.

You have genuinely won the affection of many, many Americans, and I congratulate you for that marvelous accomplishment. You have instilled hope and good will in people who have often seemed hopeless and forsaken. Again, I commend you for these actions.

However, I am concerned. As you so wonderfully stated last night, some of these mountains will not be easily conquered. I fear that far too many people have looked to you as their "Messiah" without realizing that you, too, are only human, even though this is something that you have readily admitted on more than one occasion.

You are only one year older than myself. Please know that I admire you, and will be praying for you every day. Please surround yourself with people who have the nation's best interest at heart. Please keep your family your very first priority--making them a wonderful example to so many who live in dysfuntion when they really have other choices.

Please find yourself a great church where you can worship God, and get to know Him better. Other presidents have regularly attended church while occuppying the White House. I'm encouraging you to do so, as well.

You've made alot of promises to a lot of people. Now you will be expected to start keeping those promises....Be a man of your word.

The world is watching you. You now represent not a "white America" or a "Black America"--but the United States of America.

God bless you.

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Dave said...

Marty, great blog! It's wisdom that transcends politics. You should consider a "Baker in 2012" campaign. You have my endorsement!