Rescuing the Big 3...

It seems like every "large industry" in the United States now feels entitled to be "rescued" (aka bailed out, resuscitated, etc) by the Congress of the United States of America. Where does the "Congress of the United States of America" get all that money for the various and assorted "rescues" that have taken place recently?

From me. From you. From every taxpayer in this nation....we are the ones "rescuing" all of these "industries" that are you "too big to fail."

But why should we rescue Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors? When the average Chief Executive Officer at the "big 3" make in excess of 20 MILLION dollars each year, why should I rescue their "company"?

I'm very puzzled about this one...truly I am.


Amanda said...

Found your blog through Dave's and happened to read this post.
I, too, have asked myself this same question. I work for a Honda dealer, my husband provides the chemicals for every dealer in our area and towns that surround us.
I believe they are asking for the help so that thousands of employees will not loose their jobs. The dealer that I work for is the only dealer in this area that has not fired an employee. Our hours have been cut, our pay has been cut, but we still have our jobs. I have total respect for the way my employer is dealing with this crisis. Thankfully, Honda is not a part of the Big 3, but thousands others are.
I am torn on this but if something doesn't happen, more families will suffer.
That is my guess to all of this.

Hope you don't mind my comment.

God bless.

Jackie Johns said...

Great observations (as always) and a great question.

Let me quibble a little. In addition to us, it might by my children and grand children who finish paying this bill. And that won't leave much for them to pay for our Social Security.

In Christ

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