The "liberal media"...not buying it...

I have heard so many so-called "conservatives" blame the "liberal media" for the point of nausea, on my part.

I'm just not buying it. I never have...and I probably never will.

Now, I'm not the gullible one who believes everything that is reported on the television, radio, internet, or otherwise.

But I refuse to blame the "liberal media" for everything in our society.

Most of these men and women (with some glaring exceptions) are honorable people who simply want to "report the news."

I know, I know...EVERYONE has a bias. Even the "conservative" hounds who insist that everything (that doesn't go their way) is the fault of the "liberal media."

Come on, folks: GROW UP!

Do some of your own research. Try to see more than just "one side" of whatever issue happens to be the "hot one" at the time.

I'm just not buying the whole "blame the liberal media" diatribe...

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Jackie Johns said...


Have you seen the latest Pew study on negative reporting on the campaign that concludes the media was significantly more negative in reporting on McCain?