Happy 26th Anniversary to Chris and Andrea Fabry

Even though I've never met them, I feel as though Chris and Andrea Fabry are long-term friends of mine. They will be celebrating 52 years of marriage tomorrow---26 years for Andrea and 26 years for Chris!

Nine children later, this couple is still actively serving Christ, and loving people in His name.

I first became acquainted with them through the ministry of Moody Broadcasting Network, when I was a student at Lee College (now University) in Cleveland, Tn. We received the Moody programs over WMBW-FM in nearby Chattanooga. WMBW is still my very favorite Christian radio station....

Now, I try to listen to "Chris Fabry LIVE!" every day at 2 p.m. Central Time. I also listen to them, along with Dr Gary Chapman, every Saturday evening on "Building Relationships" on the Moody Broadcasting Network.

I feel like I know these two...and nope, we have never met.

Maybe, someday we will.

Anyway, Happy Anniversary to the Fabrys.

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